Belair’s proprietary Capital Pathway and Capital Gateway platform  maximizes wealth creation, long-term investor valuation, and on-going  corporate growth by connecting our corporate clients with exclusive and  privileged access to global capital resources.


Each stage of corporate growth requires a different pathway to success.  Our executive team has extensive experience in all areas of international  business operations, corporate finance, merchant banking, venture capital,  transactional financing, and securities issuing. We work directly with your  Board of Directors and Senior Officers on an advisory basis to create a  customized Capital Pathway plan for your business.  Designed to maximize shareholder wealth and unlock incremental  corporate valuation, your Capital Pathway guides each stage of your  growth with alternative financing strategies, domestic and international  development, corporate structuring and valuation, product  commercialization and expansion, merger and acquisition strategies, go public  alternatives, and other corporate development programs.  And as you grow, your Capital Pathway adapts to your changing corporate  needs, ensuring you are ideally positioned and capitalized for future  growth and success.

Whether you are an emerging micro-cap business or a high-growth mid-market organization, we share your passion for corporate success and can accelerate your growth potential. 


Leveraging your Capital Pathway, our senior team develops your Capital  Gateway – a program that gives you privileged access to global business  opportunities, alternative public and private capital markets, and  exceptional financial resources and support.

We assist you in designing and structuring joint ventures, international  royalty or licensing programs, venture capital and merchant banking  investments, strategic roadshows and investor conferences, international  cross-listings, and cross-border mergers and acquisitions. 

We also provide privileged introductions to portfolio managers,  institutional investors, deal influencers and HNW accredited investors.

As your corporate finance partner, we work with you to ensure that you  are effectively positioned, capitalized and advised to take full advantage of  your market opportunities and maximize your wealth objectives.